updates + ladies of letterpress conference

i have almost finished 2 weeks of working for myself, it’s been pretty awesome and really busy. my head is a jumbled mess right now, but i am loving it! i didn’t have time to get official business cards printed, so i just did some generic ones for now, so i would at least have something to give people.
i thought i would share the freshly painted print shops doors with you as well (on the left). they turned out a bit more yellow than i initially wanted, but i think it looks good. we still need to move the press into the shop, but there are a few more details to finish first.

now i am off to the ladies of letterpress conference in asheville, nc. i am excited to meet letterpress people and learn alot, plus i LOVE asheville (it’s one of my favorite places). i am drooling just thinking about all the yummy food!

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