Hello, my name is Johanna. I am the owner of arbor corner studio, a boutique design and letterpress studio. I have a passion for paper and print design! I specialize in creating custom wedding invitations, shower invitations, birth announcements and other stationery items. I offer letterpress printing services for all my clients, as well as for other designers. I am also available for freelance graphic design, stationery design and other custom print design. Take a look at my portfolio and contact me for a quote.

As a graphic designer, I have always found beauty in a quality printed piece. And so began a quest to learn the art of letterpress printing. In 2010, I acquired a small tabletop letterpress. Once I pulled my first print, I was hooked. A few months later, I spotted a beautiful 9×13 platen press and brought her home. My press, lovingly named “Ruby” for her reddish hues and dainty frame, is over 100 years old! Each sheet of paper is hand-fed into the press, which is manually operated with a foot treadle. This centuries-old printing process leaves beautiful impression.Watch our press in action to learn more.

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